We stock a wide range of frames at each of our three practices, with all budgets catered for. Also, our glasses lens options offer the most up to date technology, ensuring that now you can get thinner, reflection free and scratch resistant lenses.

For the fashion-conscious we stock up-to-the-minute designs from PRADA, GUESS, JIMMY CHOO, RayBan, Christian Dior, Oakley and much, much more. We also offer innovative rimless designs from Silhouette, Polaris and Staffan Preutz.However, across all our frame ranges you will find the same commitment to quality. As independent opticians we are not tied to any one manufacturer. We are free to choose from a very wide range of suppliers to bring you the best products at sensible prices. Also popular is our new “Choices” collection of complete priced spectacles, (complete with single vision lenses). Bifocals and varifocals are also available depending on your presciption. For patients qualifying for help under the NHS certain models in this range will be free.

Many patients believe that their choice of frame is the most important factor when choosing spectacles. However, a designer frame may not look very stylish if your lenses are thick and heavy, or if you have a prominent bifocal line across them! New technology allows lenses to be made as thin as possible, while coatings can improve their cosmetic appearance. Progressive or “Varilux” lenses can be an attractive solution for patients requiring corrections for both distance and near. We take pride in offering friendly professional advice on which lens types are suitable for you. We can even work out how thick and heavy various lens types will be in any particular frame to help you reach an informed decision. 

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