If you require both near and distance vision correction then you are probably presbyopic. Presbyopia is simply a gradual loss of flexibility in the lens inside the eye. As we grow older, it loses elasticity and we start to find it harder to focus. One solution is to have different pairs of spectacles for reading and distance vision, though this can be inconvenient. Another option is bifocals, but they have a sudden change in focus and an obvious line across the lens.

Varifocal lenses are an increasingly popular alternative. Because they have a gradual change in their optical power, there is no jump between your near and distance vision. As a result, varifocals give you better middle distance as well as improved cosmetics without the dividing line of bifocals. Your choice of frame is not restricted, as recent developments in technology mean that you no longer have to choose large frames to fit varifocals.

Varifocal lenses are available in a variety of materials: standard plastic, thin “high index”, or Transitions photochromic. We supply only from leading manufacturers such as Essilor (manufacturers of the “Varilux” brand), Hoya, Sola and Kodak- we will recommend the best type for you in accordance with your visual requirements.